Monday, March 3, 2008

Stash Swap for Queen St. West Fire Victims

Memo to Prometheus: Maybe the gods kept the secret of fire for a reason.
Memo to the crafters: Prometheus's little trick on the gods left him with some pretty heavy consequences, but it left us with another reason to band together, help each other out, and get some really cool chiffon in the process.

Straight from the Toronto Craft Alert's mouth:

Fabric Swap Party

After a winter of hibernation and crafting, many of you have boxes and boxes of leftover or unused fabric. We have a way for you to clean out your unwanted fabric supply and have a heart. Fellow artisans and fashionistas can come find fabric, get rid of fabric and have a great time raising funds for some people who have lost a lot in the Queen Street West Fire. Our swap parties are not about politely trading one thing for another. Here’s how it works: You bring in all the fabric you are willing to part with. Rummage through your linen closets, hope chests and project boxes and purge all that you can. Then we neatly arrange all the fabric goodies on our studio work tables. You will have a chance to review all the contributions before we all dig in. Then the organized arrangement swiftly turns into rummage chaos. If someone gets that chiffon you were eyeing before you do, you might have to persuade them to trade with you. Join us for a cup of tea and share your fabric foibles at the swap. Get rid of your excess fabric. Trade trash for treasure. Be inspired by your fabric findings and help raise funds for a good cause.

Please RSVP at 416-481-7784 or

Date: Saturday April 5, 2008
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Admission: $10 (100% of proceeds goes to the Trust Fund to help the victims of the Queen Street West Fire)
All leftover fabric will be donated to charity.

Sew Be It Studio
2156 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4S 2A8

[Images courtesy of Martin Reis and Kevin Steele.]

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