Thursday, January 17, 2008

Craft Jobs

Aside from going nuts on the craft event calendar, I am compiling some crafty jobs over on Marimello, because, well sometimes giving time/energy/fluffy pink bunnies just doesn't fit into the budget.

Here's one I posted today for One Good Bumblebee:

Craft Job Post: Assistant--One Good Bumblebee

**INTERNSHIP (or part-time assistant)**
Location: Dallas, TX
When: ASAP!
Pay: negotiable / to be determined

Job Description:
I’m looking for a super creative, friendly, enthusiastic, crafty type of intern who loves to create but also wants to know more about the business side of being an artist or designer. All work is done at my home in my studio/office located just south of Lakewood / Highland Park in Dallas, TX. Your job would be to assist me in production of products, managing sales and stock, and other various tasks including the creation of new products, customer services, etc. I imagine I will need you for at least 4 days a week from 9am to 4pm or whatever works best for you. My schedule is very flexible so exact times are negotiable.

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks:
- Preparing & completing products: cutting, gluing, trimming, labeling, printing, stuffing, packaging, lots of measuring.
- Shipping and receiving: packaging orders / unloading received packages.
- Keeping track of stock of both materials and finished products.
- Placing orders to re-stock sold out items: calling, emailing, & faxing vendors.
- Communicating with clients and customers via email. Lots of email!
- Running errands (coffee break!) - You must have access to a car, please!
- Helping me with day-to-day decisions, problem solving, creative ideas in terms of invention and design, as well as choosing new products to carry (the really fun part!)
- Organizing the studio, keeping everything tidy and manageable.
- Adding new products to the website: web skills including HTML and blogging are a plus.
- Taking product pictures for both website and print catalog - photography skills are a huge plus.

Most importantly you should be interested and skilled in craft, art and design. A good sense of aesthetics and design are a must! The ideal intern would be honest, dependable, drama-free, friendly, focused, eager, meticulous, enthusiastic, organized, detail oriented, neat, and tidy. Photoshop skills are a plus.

Application Instructions:
If you are interested in working as an intern at One Good Bumblebee, please contact me at mail@onegoodbumblebee and include a little bio about yourself and tell me why you want to intern at One Good Bumblebee. I will get back to you and we can set up an interview and we’ll go from there! I hope to hear from you soon. :)

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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