Tuesday, October 30, 2007

eWomen Network helps out Fire Victims

Hey I'm back from the wreckage and back to my handy dandy internet connection. More importantly I am back in a place that has power. Yay! I'll be back later today with pictures and stories galore.

This email was in the emailbox this morning I think it is important to pass it on to you all:

Over a million people, including eWomenNetwork members, have been displaced by the fires ravaging the Southern California area. What we don’t see on the news is that the fires have taken not only homes, but also schools and small businesses, like the ones we seek to support. And to a very large extent, senior citizens have been particularly impacted, given the high population of retirees in the ravaged areas.

We know we can make a difference, and we’re calling on you to help. Please make a donation today of any amount you feel comfortable with. We will be working with our Orange County and San Diego eWomenNetwork chapters to identify the best and most impactful use of Foundation funds and calling upon the resources of our extended network, to help those in need.

Our Intention:

At your encouragement, we are pursuing a strategy to complement the efforts of the government and large relief organizations by serving women and children we know can benefit from additional assistance. We will particularly focus on opportunities to make a big impact through supporting small, local nonprofit organizations that may be most devastated by the loss of their facilities or their clients’ homes. We will also look for ways to bring safety and comfort to those senior women who may be particularly adrift due to the loss of their places of residence.

We further commit to “femtoring®” and tracking the progress of these organizations and individuals. As they experience a new and powerful network filled with the resources, ideas, information and tools, they will create a new beginning which will yield long-term results. We will apprise you regularly by publishing these success stories through the Foundation web site, email updates and the 2008 International Conference. As with all the Foundation dollars we collect, you will see first-hand how your contributions are actually being used to create a better life for those displaced and impacted by the fires in Southern California!

We request your support and generosity:

Together we can make an important and positive impact on this tragic situation. Your participation and donation are essential to rebuilding the lives of many. We kindly and respectfully ask for you to open your hearts and, yes, your purse, as well, to help us help others so desperate for our assistance. Remember, giving is at its best when you can help someone who can never pay you back. Let’s join together to make a profound difference.

Let us take this time to thank you in advance for what we know will be an overwhelming response to this request. There’s one thing we know for sure about eWomenNetwork members and supporters, we aren’t just “go-getters”—we’re “go-givers” as well!

Please know that no donation is too small. We’ve long learned that doing little things usually leads to BIG RESULTS!

To donate, please visit their site.

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