Friday, November 2, 2007

New Items in the Witch Fire Shop

Well my lovelies, it has been a long and fairly tiring week. Here's a smattering of what I have posted in the shop so far from my friends and family who were directly affected by the fires:

A loverly Habu scarf was donated by my mother who knitted it while evacuated.
Another scarf, crocheted for the shop by Yolanda from LA Church of Craft. Her family is down Lakeside way.
Earrings come from Michelle on Etsy, who grew up for a time next door to me in Westwood. She took that picture of a lemon down there and her pictures are particularly harrowing.
And finally super cute coasters from another woman I might have grown up with, Melissa from Haworth Handmade.

Go check it out! I'm going to put my dogs up and what else I can do for San Diego this weekend.

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